Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success

Our primary approach is to accelerate innovations that are already under way in higher education and show real promise of transforming universities and colleges with respect to their ability to support student’s success. We focus especially on the development of innovations that are unlikely to be generated by institutions working alone, and we seek to help evolve those innovations so they trigger positive change on a broader scale.

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We collaborate with colleges and universities directly, and with organizations that support them, in order to learn how new tools and approaches can be effectively integrated at the institutional level. We also work with partners active in informing education public policies at both the state and federal level in order to evaluate and encourage adoption of approaches that work to improve students success and support the colleges and universities that pursue that as a matter of mission. In both realms, we seek to build on the best practices, available research, and comparable experiences to fuel improvements in higher education.

In each step of our work, we strive for solutions that allow for flexible pathways to a college credential pathways that meet the needs of today’s students, create successful personalized learning experiences for all students, ensure affordability, and provide clear information on factors such as costs, graduation rates, and employment prospects after graduation.

We are committed to the protection of student data. Read our “Stewardship Principles to Protect Student Data & Privacy” for details.

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