Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success

John Friedman, associate professor of Economics at Brown University, discusses higher education and which institutions are improving students’ social mobility in a town hall hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


A discussion with Jamie Merisotis of the Lumina Foundation about his book America Needs Talent, equity, and the role of philanthropy.


President Michael Crow reflects on how his experiences shaped his thinking about the design of the new American university—the type of university he believes will act as the engine of our nation’s economic development and social mobility.


Chancellor Hyman  shines a light on the role of community colleges in educating many of the nation’s students, and discusses how she turned a college system with many challenges into a high-performing, financially sustainable system that serves a diverse range of students.


President Harry Williams of Delaware State University and President Ronald Carter of Johnson C. Smith University discuss the changes their universities have made to advance student success.