Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success

We are committed to gathering and sharing stories and data about today’s students and the colleges and universities and organizations striving to better serve them. Learn more by visiting the areas profiled below:

Institutional Transformation Stories. These case studies profile institutions that have made progress to better serve and support their students, leading to better outcomes.

To A Degree. This 2017-2018 podcast series features a wide range of lively conversations of leading voices in higher education on topics ranging from the future of digital learning to presidential leadership to innovation and equity.

Making a Difference. These profiles of campus leaders, researchers, and innovators spotlight leading efforts to improve outcomes for today’s students.

Today’s College Students. Students pursuing education after high school are more diverse than ever before and colleges and universities are recognizing the need to change to reflect their backgrounds and needs. View a snapshot of today’s students, some of their stories, and partner resources on efforts to make higher education more “student ready.”