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At the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we believe that every person deserves the chance to live a healthy and productive life. In the United States, that means expanding life-changing opportunities, including – and especially – education because we believe that education is a critical bridge to opportunity in this country. The chances of a child born into the bottom 20 percent income level climbing to the top 40 percent are three times greater when they continue their education after high school.

That’s why our primary focus in education is ensuring that all students – especially low-income students and students of color – have an opportunity to earn a degree or certificate that prepares them for a successful career and life.

Graduation is a transformative moment for students and their families. But the journey toward opportunity does not end with getting more students across the graduation stage. Education after high school can – and must – provide a path to opportunity. 

This graduation season we’re exploring the question of how to measure the value of education after high school for students and their families.


What’s the True Value of Education After High School?

When the value of higher education is clearly defined, students can make choices that match their goals, colleges and universities can help them chart a path to those goals, and returns on the investment can be life-changing.

Meet Kenneth: A Story About Education Changing Lives

After losing his job at a steel mill, Kenneth made a tough decision. Kenneth tells the story of how he returned to his education, creating new opportunity for him and his family.

Introducing the Postsecondary Value Commission

We are bringing together leaders and experts from inside and outside higher education to explore how to define and measure the value of education after high school for students and their families

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