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Episode 24

Reimagining the First Year and Beyond

From the 2018 American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Annual Meeting, "Reimagining the First Year and Beyond" explores the AASCU initiative to reimagine the undergraduate college experience - from start to finish - to improve student success. Guests include university presidents Franklin Gilliam, Richard Davenport, Eduardo Ochoa and Susan Sciame-Giesecke.

Episode 23

Keeping the Promise of Public Higher Ed

From the 2018 American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Annual Meeting, "Keeping the Promise of Public Higher Ed" explores the intersection of mission, money, public opinion and accountability in public higher education today. Our guests include Mildred Garcia, President of AASCU, and university presidents Laurie A Carter, Virginia Horvath and Ashish Vaidya.

Episode 22

What is “Good” in Higher Ed

"What Is 'Good' In Higher Ed" explores changing definitions and new measures of quality and the value of college rankings. Guests include Jeff Selingo, Paul Glastris, John Friedman and Doug Webber.

Episode 21

Better by the Numbers

Better by the Numbers explores the use of data to increase transparency, accountability and improvement in higher education. Guests include Robert Kelchen of Seton Hall University, Sally Johnstone of NCHEMS, Michelle Asha Cooper of the Institute for Higher Education Policy, Archie P. Cubarrubia of Miami Dade College, and Stephanie A. Bond Huie of The University of Texas System.

Episode 20

The State of State Higher Ed

“The State of State Higher Ed” explores higher ed issues from national and state vantage points. Guests include Jeremy Anderson of Education Commission of the States, Melissa Henderson of Educate Texas, Kenyatta Lovett of Complete Tennessee, and Michele Siqueiros of Campaign for College Opportunity.

Episode 19

Beyond Office Hours: High-Impact Advising

“Beyond Office Hours: High-Impact Advising” explores the importance of undergraduate advising in improving student outcomes. Guests from The Boston Consulting Group, Georgia State University, Florida State University, and Montgomery County Community College discuss emerging research on the ROI of advising reforms, promising institutional strategies, and where advising is heading.

Episode 18

Giving Voice to College Students

“Giving Voice to College Students” explores the reality of being a college student in 2018.  Three students—Jennifer Alberti, Monique Gatling, and Joshua Stuart—candidly recount their experiences getting into and succeeding in college.

Episode 17

New Presidents on Leadership, Innovation & Student Success

From the 2018 American Council on Education (ACE) meeting, “New Presidents on Leadership, Innovation & Student Success” explores the challenges and opportunities of modern college presidencies. José Luis Cruz, Mary Papazian and Scott Ralls engage in a conversation about what it means be a college president in 2018, and how the position has evolved over time.

Episode 16

Achieving Equity in Higher Ed

From the 2018 American Council on Education (ACE) meeting, “Achieving Equity in Higher Ed” explores the concept of equity in and beyond college. Guests Ruth Simmons, Joseph Castro, Lorelle Espinosa, and Freeman Hrabowski discuss what equity means for institutions, students, presidential leadership, and public policy.

Episode 15

Presidential Leadership in Challenging Times

From the 2018 American Council on Education (ACE) meeting, “Presidential Leadership in Challenging Times” explores current and emerging challenges. Guests Ted Mitchell, Margaret Spellings, and Ángel Cabrera discuss higher education issues, including demographic changes, demands for greater accountability, diminishing resources, and declining public support.