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June 14, 2017

Episode 5: Voices from ASU+GSV – Expanding Opportunity


From the ASU+GSV Summit, this special edition of To A Degree explores expanding opportunity in higher education. Guests include Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of the California Community Colleges; Phil Regier, university dean for educational initiatives and CEO of EdPlus at Arizona State University; Carolynn Campbell Reed, associate professor of mathematics and department chair at Austin Community College; and Matt Pittinsky, CEO of Parchment.

Segment 1: Eloy Ortiz Oakley

Eloy Ortiz Oakley discusses the role of community colleges as engines of opportunity and how they need to change to ensure student success and to increase capacity in a challenging economy.

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Segment 2: Phil Regier

Phil Regier describes EdPlus, a central service unit at ASU tasked with accelerating digital teaching and learning at scale, and the innovations that have emerged to support student success.

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Segment 3: Carolynn Campbell Reed

Carolynn Campbell Reed talks about the impact of Austin Community College’s Math ACCelerator, which is located in a former mall and employs tech-enabled, high-touch adaptive learning to teach mathematics.

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Segment 4: Matthew Pittinsky

Matthew Pittinsky describes the growth of electronic credentials for college applicants, transfer students, and grads entering the job market, and the emergence of new models of enhanced digital transcripts.


Guest Bios

Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of the California Community Colleges, is known for implementing innovative programs and policies that help students succeed. Previously, Dr. Oakley was superintendent-president of Long Beach Community College District.




Phil Regier, as university dean for educational initiatives and CEO of EdPlus, Phil Regier is responsible for guiding Arizona State University’s expansion into online learning and establishing its leadership role in education innovation.




Carolynn Campbell ReedCarolynn Campbell Reed is the math department chair at Austin Community College, an 11-campus system with more than 40,000 students. She oversees developmental math in the ACCelerator, an innovative learning laboratory.




Matthew PittinskyMatthew Pittinsky is the CEO of Parchment, a credential management system, and is co-founder and former CEO of Blackboard Inc. He is on the board of trustees of The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.





Moderator Bio

Casey Green

Casey Green, the moderator and co-producer of To A Degree, is the founding director of The Campus Computing Project, the largest continuing study of eLearning and information technology in American higher education. Check out his blog, Digital Tweed, and follow him on Twitter at @DigitalTweed.



To A Degree is produced for the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation by G2 Education. Jinny Goldstein, the co-founder of G2Ed, is the executive producer of To A Degree.