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Postsecondary Success Notes | Who wants to be a college president?


Who wants to be a college president?

The Atlantic asked this important question in an article earlier this year. It outlined the challenges of leading an institution, making the top job sound less attractive to potential candidates than years past.

Yet, the role of leading an institution—as a president or chancellor—is critical to the transformation of colleges and universities, especially amid political and financial turbulence. These leaders must prepare and equip college and university leaders for the opportunities and challenges inherent in transformation.

This leadership question has been on my mind as I observe proven transformational leaders navigate prolonged and politicized selection processes or decide to step aside from their roles altogether due to pressures mentioned in the Atlantic article.

On the home front, as the foundation seeks to identify leaders for our own team to help expand and accelerate transformation across the country, supporting and promoting diverse, change-oriented leadership is a vital part of the work. You can read more about my newly-formed leadership team below.

Without bold, diverse, and change-oriented leaders, our systems will never change. Let us all work to identify and uplift new voices in leadership.

Patrick Methvin