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Happy Winter! We in the Pacific Northwest have had more than our share at this point and are happy to share with the rest of the country.

As many (hopefully most) of you know, our team has launched a request for proposals to identifyintermediaries for scale – organizations that can help connect colleges and universities interested in transforming themselves with the resources, guidance, and support through the change process. The initial response has been very strong, with more than 100 groups expressing interest in the selection process.

We’ve also received a lot of good questions about our strategy and approach to this work and one of the most critical – and difficult – is, “How do you know this transformation thing is going to work?”

The short answer is, we don’t know with certainty. It’s a theory, but a theory grounded in evidence and experience. We have learned through our work on Completion by Design and the Frontier Set about institutional transformation approaches and the kinds of supports that appear to facilitate those transformational journeys. And through partners like the ones highlighted below, we have data and insight about where to focus change efforts, what is working, and how to measure success.

Our commitment is to ask the right questions, continue to follow the evidence where it takes us, and share our learning openly with the field.

P.S. We have a new name on Twitter! Be sure to follow us at @GatesUS.

Patrick Methvin