Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success

Policy & Advocacy / What We're Learning

Serving Their Share

This report outlines ways colleges and universities can improve access and attainment for underserved students, particularly Pell Grant recipients, who come from low-income backgrounds.

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Policy & Advocacy / Remedial Education

Remediation: Higher Education’s Bridge to Nowhere

The signature report from Complete College America discusses remedial participation and success rates across states, and provides examples of leading policies and practices and recommendations for state- and system-level reforms.

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Finance/Financial Aid / Policy & Advocacy

Performance Funding in Indiana: An Analysis of Lessons from the Resaerch and Other State Models

The report from HCM Strategists provides an in-depth analysis of implementation of outcome-based funding in Indiana, as well as context of next generation outcome-based funding models across the states.

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