Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success

Colleges and universities are increasingly focusing on today’s students and how to help them navigate the path to their educational goals. Taking a more student-centered approach is leading campuses to realize the need to transform basic aspects of who they are and how they work. This includes adopting innovations that help more students learn and advance, everything from redesigning remedial education to tapping the potential of digital learning to strengthening advising and financial supports. It also includes building institutional capacity to make big changes, things like leadership, technology, data collection and analysis, and campus policies and practices.

But how can colleges and universities change quickly, and with limited resources? A growing number of institutions are finding that collaboration, rather than competition, is the key to making progress without reinventing the wheel. By partnering with campuses and systems and the organizations that support them, the foundation seeks to accelerate and expand the sharing of knowledge and lessons learned that will help institutions achieve their goals of educating more students and eliminating access and success gaps by race and income.

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Institutional partnerships are a long-standing part of our work, and have evolved to include a broad cross-section of higher education:

Completion by Design. This initiative, launched in 2011 and completed in 2018, focused on community colleges and their redesign efforts to boost student success. The nine participating colleges across three states met their key performance targets in areas such as passage of gateway courses and first-year credit accumulation three years early. Read more.

Frontier Set. This network of 29 colleges and universities and two state systems is currently engaged in a multi-year effort to develop, execute, and share institutional redesign strategies to eliminate access and success gaps by race and income. Read more.

Partner Learning Networks. A number of national organizations have launched efforts to connect and support colleges and universities in setting and pursuing goals to dramatically improve student outcomes. Many of these groups are also supporting the campuses and systems participating in the Frontier Set. Read more.

Intermediaries For Scale: A Call For Partners. We have launched a search for intermediaries for scale – organizations (or networks of organizations) that can support diverse institutions through the process of comprehensive change. Read more.