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What if higher education leaders had more actionable data to help continually improve pathways for their students? What if state and federal policymakers had better measures to gauge how taxpayer dollars were being spent and the impact on student outcomes? What if students had better access to information that helped them make timely decisions about their path to a certificate or degree?

Our goal is a comprehensive data strategy that ensures efficient, consistent, and transparent collection and reporting of key performance metrics to enable students, institutional leaders, and policymakers make informed decisions about the value of different postsecondary pathways.

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Higher Ed Facts 
Answering the Call

Students and their families need clear and timely information about how much college will cost, how long it will take to graduate, and how well a degree will prepare students for the job market and enable them to pay back their loans. Colleges and universities need real-time data to identify whether their students are on track toward success, and to deploy timely support strategies that help students to stay on the path to a certificate or degree.

Delivering on this requires a commitment to capturing key outcomes for all students in all institutions.
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Students utilizing data and information resources for research 
Data and Information Resources

Learn more about our work to improve higher education data and information.
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