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Federal and state policies affect who colleges and universities serve and how they serve them. For example, up to two million low-income students don’t apply for federal aid every year because the process for applying is too complicated. Many state aid programs leave out part-time and adult students. And federal and state data systems leave out students whose outcomes matter.

Our policy focus is on finance and financial aid and data and information – money and measures. We are interested in how public funds are allocated and spent to help today’s college students (low-income and first-generation students, students, of color, and working adults), and how colleges and universities are measuring and being held accountable for their progress and success.

Learn more by reading our Postsecondary Success Advocacy Priorities white paper.

Data and Information 
Data and Information

Students and families need good information to make important decisions about their education. Colleges and universities need good information to help more of today’s students navigate their way to a certificate or degree. Policymakers need good information to make smart investments of public funds and gauge the return on those investments.

Learn about our work to improve the gathering, reporting, and use of data in higher education.

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Financial Aid 
Finance and Financial Aid

Education after high school is one of the most significant – and consequential – investments that students and families and taxpayers make. But for too many of today’s students, finances are the barrier to a better future. Many get lost in the process of applying for financial aid or are left out of aid programs designed for yesterday’s students.

Learn more about our efforts to streamline and modernize aid policies and programs to focus on today’s students and their needs.

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