Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success

Colleges and universities compete with each other for many things–enrollment, resources, athletic standing, and prestige. But institutions are increasingly realizing that there are clear advantages to working together, especially in a time of rising expectations and limited resources.

That is why we are supporting institutional partnerships that bring together a wide range of colleges and universities that are implementing innovative policies and practices to promote student success. We’re helping them share best practices so that others can benefit from their lessons learned and transform their own policies and practices to meet the needs of low-income and first-generation students, students of color, and working adults.

Institutional Partnerships

To achieve our vision of a postsecondary system that propels social mobility, and economic development, colleges and universities need to enable more students – especially low-income and first-generation students, students of color, and working adults – to succeed in acquiring affordable, high-value credentials. One key to their success will be leveraging innovations such as digital learning, technology-enabled advising, and redesigned remedial education that are showing promise for improving students' learning outcomes and containing costs. We partner with forward-looking institutions that are deploying these kinds of interventions at scale.
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