Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success

Navigating the path to a certificate or degree can be challenging. Students can get stuck in a maze of policies and options, costing time and money and leading many to drop out before they reach their goals.

Students need information what will and will not keep them on track, and faculty and staff need information to help guide students and identify when they may be going off-track. Using a combination of new technology tools and staffing, colleges and universities are improving their student advising systems – and getting results. Research at leading institutions indicates that implementing stronger advising models can lead to double-digit increases in on-time graduation for a relatively modest investment (less than $100 per student per year).

Our goal is more widespread adoption of innovative advising models, where colleges and universities draw on promising technologies and practices and adapt them to their students and their needs.

Explore our Technology-enabled Advising Infographic: 

Technology-enabled Advising Infographic