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More than half of students attending two-year institutions and a third of students attending four-year institutions arrive needing help to master introductory courses in math and/or English. While remedial courses are intended to help students get on the path to pass introductory courses and continue their journey, too many have the opposite effect, stranding students and contributing to dropout.

Colleges and universities and the organizations supporting them are rethinking their approach to these courses, instead placing students in introductory courses and providing support targeted to students’ specific skill gaps. This “co-requisite” approach is yielding positive outcomes, with significantly higher pass rates for students taking these courses than those taking traditional remedial courses.

Our goal is to take course redesign to scale, working with a growing network of institutions and partner organizations.

Explore our Remedial Education Infographic: 

Remedial Education Infographic



Core Principles

Many freshmen could avoid remediation with assistance from online courses that are developed specifically to address the needs of students who are nearly college ready.
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