Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success

Innovations that help students get on a path to a certificate or degree after high school and stay on it through graduation.

Navigating the path to a certificate or degree can be challenging and costly. Many students come to college without certain knowledge or skills or with credits from one or more institutions. Too often these students get stuck in a maze of policies and options, spending money they don’t have on courses they don’t need. And for many, the road ends before graduation.

That’s why we are working with leading colleges and universities to implement innovations that help students identify and get on a path to a credential, stay on that path, and ensure that they are learning along the way.


Data and Information 
Digital Learning

Digital learning tailors content to students’ strengths and needs, helping them navigate courses.
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technology-enabled advising 
Technology-enabled Advising

Too often, college students select courses, change majors or programs, or transfer between institutions without being fully aware of the impact of these decisions on their likelihood of completing their credential.
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technology advising 
Remedial Education

Our work in developmental education supports the creation, integration, and expansion of new and more effective approaches to developmental education, with the goal of getting underprepared students off to a strong start and on track toward a degree.
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Emergency Aid

Our work in emergency aid supports the creation and expansion of effective emergency aid programs so more students are able to continue with their education and stay on the path to graduation.
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