Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success

Navigating the path to a certificate or degree can be challenging and costly. Many students come to college with credits from one or more institutions or without certain knowledge or skills. Too often these students get stuck in a maze of policies and options, spending money they don’t have on courses they don’t need. And for many, the road ends before they reach their goal.

That’s why we are working with leading colleges and universities to implement innovations that help students identify and get on a path to a certificate or degree, stay on that path, and ensure that they are learning along the way. We focus on three key areas:



Data and Information 
High Quality Digital Learning

Today’s students are juggling many responsibilities beyond their studies. Online and combined online/in-person courses and programs can provide students a path to a certificate or degree while balancing the demands of work and family. These courses and programs can also help more students complete introductory courses with high failure rates by employing new approaches to teaching and learning.
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technology-enabled advising 
Improved Holistic Advising And Student Support

Education after high school can be a bewildering maze for many students, especially those who are first in their family to attend college. Stronger advising systems backed by innovative technology can help students design a path that increases their chance for success and help faculty and staff provide timely guidance to students for staying on track to their goals.
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technology advising 
Redesigned Remedial Education

Courses designed to help students fill gaps in their skills and move forward have often had the opposite effect, leading students to drop out. Fortunately, a growing number of colleges and universities are rethinking their remedial education programs to combine credit-bearing work with targeted support, helping more students to keep moving forward.
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