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Judith Scott-Clayton: Using Data To Shape Higher Education Policy

Judith Scott-Clayton’s research revealed that many students in remedial education do not need to be there. Find out how her research influenced policy change at institutions and state systems across the country.

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Beyond Office Hours: High-Impact Advising

“Beyond Office Hours: High-Impact Advising” explores the importance of undergraduate advising in improving student outcomes. Guests from The Boston Consulting Group, Georgia State University, Florida State University, and Montgomery County Community College discuss emerging research on the ROI of advising reforms, promising institutional strategies, and where advising is heading.

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Going Further, Faster

As we celebrate this year’s higher ed graduates, here are some of the colleges and universities that are leading the way in adapting to meet the needs of today’s college students. Innovations such as high-quality online courses and smarter advising save students both time and money on the way to a degree.

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Financial Aid Student Stories

Every year, 2 million eligible students find the financial aid process too daunting to even apply. Watch four students share their stories – highlighting common barriers and demonstrating the need to fix FAFSA.


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For Students, The Right Advice Can Make All the Difference

By Allan Golston Graduation Day is a day full of stories – stories about the challenges, the victories, the setbacks, and the support that students experience on their journey to a diploma. One common thread across these stories: good advice can make all the difference. Colleges and universities that are figuring this out are making […]

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