Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success

The Frontier Set

Colleges and universities working together for equitable student outcomes.

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To A Degree: What is “Good” in Higher Ed

The latest episode of our podcast explores changing definitions and new measures of quality and the value of college rankings. Guests include Jeff Selingo, Paul Glastris, John Friedman and Doug Webber.

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The People Behind Postsecondary Success: Scott Dalessandro

Scott’s work at the foundation centers on connecting colleges and universities to improve education through collaboration.

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Can Higher Ed “Reclaim the High Road”?

By transforming education after high school to meet the needs of students, Sinclair Community College is helping graduates succeed and Dayton, Ohio rebuild.

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For Students, The Right Advice Can Make All the Difference

By Allan Golston Graduation Day is a day full of stories – stories about the challenges, the victories, the setbacks, and the support that students experience on their journey to a diploma. One common thread across these stories: good advice can make all the difference. Colleges and universities that are figuring this out are making […]

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