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March 27, 2017

Discouraged in high school, inspired in college

A Renton Technical College student who came to this country as a refugee has been honored as one of the top 20 students in the U.S. for academic achievement at a community or technical college. Support in the form of being named to the All-USA Community College Academic Team and being awarded the Transforming Lives Award helped give him opportunities to excel, something many students in similar situations unfortunately don't get.

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March 22, 2017

Remedial Education Reforms Show Promise in Improving Community College Completion

While there is increasing evidence that remedial education courses act more as obstacles than gateways to graduation, the vast majority of colleges still adhere to that traditional model. A new Center for Community College Student Engagement study examined student under preparedness and found that students were more likely to pass introductory English and math courses when high school GPA (rather than a test) was used to decide whether to put them into remedial courses.

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