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EdReady provides custom study courses to help students overcome remedial math challenges. EdReady considers a student’s individual learning needs in combination with the specific math requirements of the college or university that student will attend. In 2013, University of Montana used EdReady with entering freshmen facing math remediation. Of the students who completed their personalized EdReady study path, 87 percent passed the math-readiness exam and avoided remediation.

Similarly, the Carnegie Foundation’s Quantway and Statway programs enable students to learn at their own pace in the areas where they require the greatest attention. Quantway is designed as two courses: the first course fulfills the requirements for students’ developmental mathematics, and the second course results in college math credit. Statway is designed as a single academic year course that allows students to simultaneously complete their developmental mathematics requirements and receive a college mathematics credit in statistics.


Read more about the work to implement remedial education interventions:

  • A study by MDRC found that City University of New York’s Accelerated Study in Associate Program (ASAP) increased the two-year graduation rate among community college students who needed remedial education.
  • The National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) and Tennessee Board of Regents worked together for a developmental studies redesign initiative that both reduced the amount of time students spend in remedial courses and the amount of fiscal resources students dedicate to remedial education.
  • The Carnegie Foundation’s initial report on their Community College Pathways program demonstrates positive outcomes realized in the first year of implementation, including successful course completion rates of more than 50 percent for both their Quantway and Statway Pathways.
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