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With our Next Generation Courseware Challenge, we sought the very best courseware solutions to help low-income students succeed in high-enrollment general education college courses. The seven finalists represent some of the leading innovators creating digital courseware solutions to help students get the best education, and enable colleges and universities to more effectively advance their missions. The finalists will engage in a comprehensive, three-year effort that includes a robust combination of design, development, distribution, adoption, implementation, and delivery of exemplary digital courseware offerings.

From our courseware grantees and research we’ve learned at-risk students can master the same amount of content in half the amount of time when they take high-quality blended courses versus traditional courses. We’ve also seen pass rates for at-risk students increase by 1/3 when they take high-quality blended courses versus traditional courses.

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Sources: The Open Learning Initiative: Measuring the Effectiveness of the OLI Statistics Course in Accelerating Student Learning and Lessons from Five Years of Funding Digital Courseware: Postsecondary Success Portfolio Review

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