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Navigating the path to a certificate or degree can be challenging. Many students come to college not completely ready or with credits from one or more institutions and need help plotting their course. We can increase student success by creating student-centered pathways that help students set a course for graduation through redesigned remedial courses and programs, make sure that they stay on that course with technology-enabled advising, ensure that they are learning along the way by using proven digital learning tools, and help them navigate transitions via simpler and more streamlined credit transfer.

Data and Information 
Digital Learning

A growing body of evidence is demonstrating that technologies, when used effectively by faculty and student advisors, can personalize learning at unprecedented scale potentially enabling all students - not just those who are able to attend the most elite, expensive colleges - to get the best and most effective education at a reasonable price.
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Pathways for Student Success 
Pathways for Student Success

Pathways for student success focus on redesign of course offerings to simplify students' decisions and creation of highly structured programs with built-in supports.
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technology advising 
Remedial Education

Our work in developmental education supports the creation, integration, and expansion of new and more effective approaches to developmental education, with the goal of getting underprepared students off to a strong start and on track toward a degree.
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technology-enabled advising 
Technology-enabled Advising

Too often, college students select courses, change majors or programs, or transfer between institutions without being fully aware of the impact of these decisions on their likelihood of completing their credential.
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