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Chris Bustamante: Maintain the Momentum at a College Known for Innovation

“Colleges need to expose more of their teams to innovation and make them more data-aware to make the case for why the institution needs to change,” said Chris Bustamante, President of Rio Salado College.
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Nicole Hurd: Bridging the Information Gap to Higher Education

Within the plethora of statistics that define American colleges and universities, one often stands out: whether someone earns a bachelor’s degree has almost everything to do with family income.
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Bridget Burns: Helping Collaboration and Dissemination of Innovative Practices in Higher Education

“Everyone is looking for answers, but they don’t know where to go to find them,” said Bridget Burns, ED of the University Innovation Alliance.
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Dror Ben-Naim: Building Adaptive Tools Driven by Instructors

“Inquiry-based, active education is the best way to teach and learn,” Ben-Naim added, “because students understand why they’re learning something as they’re doing it.”
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