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What if higher education leaders had access to comparable and consistent data about cost as well as quality to support their efforts to continually improve the higher education experience for their students? What if state and federal policy makers had information to gauge how taxpayer dollars were being spent and with what impact on student outcomes? Our goal is a national data strategy that ensures consistent and transparent collection and reporting of key performance metrics to enable students, families, institutions and policymakers to make informed decisions about the value of different postsecondary experiences.


Higher Ed Facts 
Higher Ed Facts

Students and their families need clear and timely information about how much college will cost, how long it will take to graduate, and how well a degree will prepare students for the job market, and enable them to pay back their loans. Colleges and universities themselves need real-time data to identify whether their students are on track toward success, and to deploy just-in-time teaching and support strategies that enable students to learn their way toward meaningful credentials that employers recognize as valuable in the workplace.
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Envisioning the National Postsecondary Infrastructure

The Institute for Higher Education Policy’s (IHEP) Postsecondary Data Collaborative, an initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that advocates for high-quality postsecondary data, released designed to inform state and federal data policy conversations.
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Higher Ed Success 
VIDEOS: Voices for Better Data

Given the growing cost of college, students can't afford to make decisions about which colleges or programs to attend without better information about which institutions offer them the best chances of earning a quality credential at an affordable price.
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What We Still Don't Know About Higher Education

With better information, schools can graduate more students and students can make more informed decisions. Learn more about the impact of these information gaps and institutions that are leading the way in making data-driven decisions.
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Students utilizing data and information resources for research 
Data & Information Resources

Learn more about our work to improve the higher education financial aid system
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