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Students don’t have answers to common questions about college, like:
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Low-income high schoolers to get grants for college courses

May 23, 2016
For the first time, thousands of low-income high-school students in nearly two dozen states will soon be able to get federal grants to take college courses for credit, part of a program the administration of President Barack Obama plans to begin this summer.
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States have cut money for higher education 17 percent since the recession, report finds

In spite of a gradual economic recovery and improving revenues, most states are spending dramatically less on public higher education, a new report says. States are collectively investing 17 percent less in their public colleges and universities, or $1,525 less per student, since 2007, according to the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which used inflation-adjusted figures.
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Report Outlines Strategies for Successful Community College Transfers

More than 80 percent of students starting out in community college say they want a bachelors degree. Yet within six years of entering a community college, only 14 percent of community college students will earn one, prior studies show.
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Latinos Stick With Studies at High Rates to Get Higher Education

Students attending Hispanic-Serving Institutions are more likely to stick with their studies than students at all other colleges and universities, even though they may have to stop and start their college careers, a report released Wednesday finds.
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First-generation college students need strong networks of support

May 19, 2016
The GSP program supports 640 low-income and/or first-generation college students by providing loan relief as well as other support to help meet the emotional and financial needs of students.
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How Colleges Keep Students From Dropping Out

Tyler Mulvenna worked three jobs last summer, but was still short the money he needed to pay for college. Mulvenna, 21, a junior at Georgia State University in Atlanta, got a small gift of money from his college. That allowed him to live at school and attend class.
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Eduvation Spotlight: ASU President Michael Crow on innovation, tenure and meeting demands

Arizona State University President Dr. Michael Crow took the reigns of the university 14 years ago, and under his leadership, the institution has implemented a number of programs and innovations, including the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, the University Innovation Alliance, eAdvisor, Learn-Explore-Advance-Design, ASU 101, the Student 360 view and retention dashboard.
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The Power of Friendship in Education

AUSTIN, Tex.—Most of the people who grow up in Roma, Texas—a small ranching town on the Mexican border—don’t go to an elite four-year college. The ones who do must move at least six hours from everything they know. They are usually the first in their families to attend such schools. They arrive knowing almost nothing about life in a big city or at a major state university.
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Toward Convergence: A Technical Guide for the Postsecondary Metrics Framework

May 3, 2016
This report provides important technical details related to the metrics, outlining exactly which numbers we should be counting and why. And the “why” of it all is incredibly important.
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The Most Career-Minded Generation

May 2, 2016
In recent years, another narrative has taken hold—that what matters is return on investment. In other words: What kind of job-market value does a graduate get from a college degree?
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