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Infographic: Today's College Students

Today’s college students come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring an equally diverse set of needs. We must do more to help these students be successful amid competing priorities, such as family, finances, and work.

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Bridging Rhetoric and Reality in a Changing World

Over the past several weeks, I have been engaged in a lot of conversations and a lot of reading that have taken me from gas stations in Iowa to executive offices in New York to campuses on the east and west coasts and between.

The common thread running through all that I’ve learned?

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Bridging Higher Education’s Rhetoric and Reality in a Changing World

Last month’s elections here in the U.S. represent a significant shift in both leadership and policy direction. As a historian, I’m always interested in understanding the how and the why of such consequential events. In my role as head of the Gates Foundation’s postsecondary program, I’m also interested in what they mean for higher education. […]

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