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Study casts doubt on value of remedial math for college

June 27, 2016
Colleges routinely force students with weak math skills to take remedial classes before enrolling in one that yields credit, a requirement that poses one of the biggest hurdles for disadvantaged Americans on the path to getting a degree. Many placed in remediation get disheartened or sidetracked and end up dropping out of college before they ever really start.
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Minnesota community colleges clear a path for four-year degrees

For many students, community college is the first step toward earning a bachelor’s degree. But many others never finish. Now, officials at the newly named Minnesota State college system are trying to make it easier — by allowing students to complete their four-year degrees without leaving the two-year campus.
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Texas HBCU Launches Think Tank to Groom Next Generation of Black Leaders

One of the oldest HBCUs in the nation is working to cultivate the next generation of Black leaders through a new Black think tank. Last week, Paul Quinn College President Michael Sorrell announced the launch of the school’s new African-American Leadership Institute. With the help of elected Black officials across Northern Texas, the initiative aims to tackle issues affecting African-Americans in the state and beyond, The Dallas Morning News reported.
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College Unaffordable Even in Higher Income Brackets

College is becoming less and less affordable to more and more families higher and higher on the socioeconomic ladder. As tuition and other fees have climbed and state funding of public institutions has failed to keep pace with rising costs and growing enrollment, a college education is being priced out of the reach of middle-class and even upper-middle-class families.
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Revamping Community Colleges to Improve Graduation Rates

June 23, 2016
To help more students graduate, it's become clear that we need to revamp community colleges into more structured environments, combining fewer courses with far more intensive help from advisers to ensure that students move along guided pathways to complete their degrees.
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Study: Community College Students Face Transfer Challenges

June 8, 2016
Community colleges are the first point of access to higher education for millions of students looking for an affordable path to a bachelor’s degree. A new study by Education Northwest examines the complexities community college students face when they transfer to four-year institutions.
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More Than Tuition: Higher Education and the Social Safety Net

June 7, 2016
From setting up on-campus food pantries for hungry students to partnering with early education programs to provide childcare while parents attend class, some colleges have found creative ways to address barriers to college attendance that are both inspiring and critical for student success.
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For Financially Challenged Black Men, HBCUs Can Be Key

I realize that without the support of administrators, faculty, staff and fellow students, my road would have been far more difficult. This is particularly true because I graduated from a historically Black college and university (HBCU).
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From 4-Year to 2-Year

"This paper is showing our two-year institutions are providing great support for our students; it's just a matter of insuring those credits are portable, they transfer to the next destination and they have applicability to a major that can help them reach their goals," Marling said.
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Colleges Send Too Many Into Remedial Classes Who Don’t Need It, Growing Body of Research Shows

College administrators typically rely on standardized tests to decide which students should proceed directly to college-level classes and which students should start in remedial courses. But a new Alaska study...
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